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2010 International Workshop on On-Orbit Satellite Servicing

From March 24-26, 2010, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) hosted an open international workshop to bring potential users and providers of on-orbit servicing capabilities together with the NASA GSFC Satellite Servicing Study Team.

This three-day event drew together fifty-seven individual speakers and over 250 participants from industry, academia, NASA, other agencies, and international organizations.


UMUC Inn and Conference Center
3501 University Blvd East
Adelphi, MD 20783 USA

Workshop Topics

  • Scientific and non-scientific missions that would benefit from servicing
  • Humans in satellite servicing
  • In-space robotic technology
  • Servicing enabling technologies, including Autonomous Rendezvous and Capture
  • Legal and policy issues

During the workshop, the Satellite Servicing Study Team presented the notional mission definition process and the first draft of the Study's notional mission suite for satellite servicing. Participants and RFI responders showcased ideas, technologies and capabilities relevant to satellite servicing and also forecasted existing and planned spacecraft/observatories that would benefit from on-orbit serviceability.

Workshop Presentations

Wednesday March 24

On-Orbit Servicing Systems Should Be Flexible By: Dr. Stephen Huybrechts
The Role of the Private Sector By: Edward Horowitz
Servicing Study Objectives By: Frank Cepollina
Science and Satellite Servicing By: Dr. Matt Mountain
Servicing and Lagrange Point Ops for Astronomy By: Dr. Dan Lester
Robotic Servicing for External Occulter By: Dr. Charley Noecker
Servicing ATLAST By: Dr. William Oegerle
United Launch Alliance Launch Services By: Bernard Kutter
Orbital's ISS Resupply Service By: Bob Richards
LM Overview of Capabilities and Products By: Barry Miller
The Orbital Life Extension Vehicle By: Baard Eilertsen
Extra-Zodiacal Exploration By: Dr. Matt Greenhouse
Solar Sail Assembly/Deployment in Earth Orbit By: Bruce Campbell
LEO Depot Servicing Impact on Space Missions By: Dallas Bienhoff
NIMITZ By: Tom Kessler
Commercial Satellite Servicing Needs and Challenges By: Joe Rothenberg
Fostering a Commercial Satellite Servicing Industry By: Charles Miller
Market Interest in Fleet Management On-Orbit Services By: Baard Eilertsen
Commercial Human Spaceflight By: Bretton Alexander
Determining the Value of On-Orbit Telescope Servicing By: Zach Bailey
Is There A Business Case That Makes Sense By: Barry Miller

Thursday March 25

Hubble Servicing Mission 4 By: Dr. John Grunsfeld
Future Space-based Astro. Observatories By: Dr. Marc Postman
SpaceStation Telescopes - the Hubble Legacy By: Dr. Donald Hall
SpaceX Dragon as an In-Orbit Servicing Platform By: Max Vozoff
Human Servicing Mission to Sun-Earth L2 Telescopes By: Dallas Bienhoff
Expanding the Final Frontier: The Bigelow Aerospace Story By: Mike Gold
Human Servicing Operations Beyond LEO... By: Dr. Harley Thronson
International Space Station Assembly Lessons Learned By: Sam Scimemi
SNC Advanced Manipulator Technology By: Scott Christiansen
Orbital Express By: Lt. Col. Fred Kennedy
Orbital Robotic Servicing By: Dr. Glen Henshaw
Raytheon Sarcos Robotic Systems: Technology for Application... By: Don McMonagle
Robotic Solutions for On-Orbit Servicing By: John Lymer
Lessons Learned At JPL about Servicing By: Brian Wilcox
Dexterous Robotics and the Robonaut Series By: Dr. Robert Ambrose
CSA Activities in On-Orbit Robotic Servicing By: Daniel Rey
Robotic and EVA/Robotic Servicing... By: Dr. Dave Akin
Technologies and Associated Servicing Architecture By: Bill Vincent
Oceaneering Robotics: Parallels to Satellite Servicing By: Todd Colangelo
Honeybee Robotics: An Overview of OOS Capabilities By: Kiel Davis
Improved Robotic Enablers for Satellite Servicing By: Doyle Towles
Enabling Technologies for Remote Robotic Manipulation... By: Prof. Louis Whitcomb

Friday March 26

In-Orbit Fluid Transfer for Satellite Servicing By: Dr. David Chato
Solar Electric Propulsion Application for Orbital Servicing By: Therese Griebel
Innovative In-Space Propulsion for Spacecraft Servicing By: Joe Cassady
ESPA as Base Vehicle for Servicing Missions By: Joseph Maly
SS Using the Cygnus Advanced Maneuvering Vehicle By: Warren Frick
SPHERES as a Servicing Testbed By: Dr. Javier De Luis & Dr. Swati Mohan
Autonomous Rendezvous and Proximity Operations By: Ian T. Mitchell
Advanced Imaging and Relative Navigation Technology By: Kevin Miller
GN&C and Sensors for Rendezvous and Capture By: Tom Gardner
3D Flash LIDAR Cameras for OSS Applications By: Dr. Roger Stettner
TriDAR Model Based Tracking Vision System... By: Stephane Ruel