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NASA Article07.20.2015 - NASA Robotic Servicing Demonstrations Continue Onboard the Space Station

SSCO Video06.11.2015 - Look inside the Cauldron in 'This Week @NASA'

Press Release06.11.2015 - NASA Hosts Media for Update on Asteroid Grand Challenge, Robotics Tour

WWW Article04.29.2015 - Repairing the Hubble Space Telescope: the Tools Astronauts Used []

SSCO Video02.26.2015 - Talk by Frank Cepollina at the National Air and Space Museum: "Dare to Dream the Impossible, and the Incredible Will Happen"


NASA Article08.12.2014 - NASA's Space Station Fix-It Demo for Satellites Gets Hardware for 2.0 Update

NASA Article03.06.2014 - Space Station Working to Solve the Puzzle of Orbiting Satellite Repair

SSCO Video03.05.2014 - NASA Teaming Up to Test the Future of Satellite Refueling [YouTube]

NASA Article03.05.2014 - NASA Concludes Test of New Robotic Refueling Technologies

WWW Article02.24.2014 - Remote satellite repair service tested [Florida Today]

WWW Article02.12.2014 - NASA's building a satellite refueling robot platform that works…in space [engadget]

NASA Article02.12.2014 - NASA Tests New Technologies for Robotic Refueling

SSCO Video02.12.2014 - Another Step Toward Servicing Satellites in Space [YouTube]


NASA Article12.20.2013 - Testing Continues for Satellite Servicing Capabilities

WWW Article11.14.2013 - Rescuing the Hubble Space Telescope [MIT News]

WWW Article10.08.2013 - After 10 Years - and One NASA Engineering Gig - the Dismemberment Plan Returns []

NASA Article09.30.2013 - SSCO deputy project manager Benjamin Reed presents “Trades Affecting Mission Resilience and Extensibility” at the Asteroid Initiative Idea Synthesis Workshop, 1:12:56 [NASA UStream]

WWW Article08.16.2013 - Sending Robotic Repairmen to Space [Discover Magazine]

WWW Article08.12.2013 - Technology's Role in Space Innovation [The Space Review]

NASA Feature08.02.2013 - Japanese Vehicle to Launch New Hardware for NASA's Robotic Refueling Mission

WWW Article 07.29.2013 - Robotic Servicing Testbed Is Being Upgraded [Aviation Week]

WWW Article07.26.2013 - At NewSpace 2013, NASA Preaches Commercial Partnerships []

NASA Feature07.17.2013 - RRM Named a Top Exploration Technology Application from the International Space Station in 2012

NASA Feature05.10.2013 - NASA's Robotic Refueling Mission Practices New Satellite-Servicing Tasks

WWW Article 02.21.2013 - Hazmat Transfer Is Next Milestone In NASA Robotic Refueling Mission [SpaceNews]

NASA Feature02.19.2013 - NASA invites potential partners to Servicing Payload Systems Requirements Review [FedBizOpps Post]

Press Release02.08.2013 - NASA's Refueling Demonstration Proves Viability of Satellite-Servicing Technologies

NASA Feature02.08.2013 - NASA's Successful Robotic Refueling Demo Points to a Bright Satellite-Servicing Future

SSCO Video02.08.2013 - NASA | RRM: Mission to the Future Delivers the Goods [YouTube]

WWW Article01.28.2013 - ISS Demo Paving The Way For Satellite Servicing [Aviation Week]

WWW Article01.27.2013 - Canada's Dextre robot passes first-of-a-kind test to refuel satellites in space [National Post]

WWW Article 01.26.2013 - Dextre and RRM complete successful satellite refuelling demo []

WWW Article01.25.2013 - Orbiting robot gas station gets closer to reality [CNET]

WWW Article01.24.2013 - Robotic refueling test resumes on space station [NBC News]

SSCO Video01.23.2013 - NASA | RRM: The Main Event [YouTube]

WWW Article 01.22.2013 - NASA and CSA begin testing satellite refueling on the ISS [Gizmag]

SSCO Video 01.17.2013 - Robotic Refueling Mission Google Hangout [YouTube]

SSCO Video 01.17.2013 - Live Interview: Robotic Refueling Mission [ Fox59--Indianapolis, IN ]

SSCO Video01.17.2013 - Live Interview: Robotic Refueling Mission [ Fox40 - Sacramento, CA]

SSCO Video01.17.2013 - Live Interview (Spanish Language): Robotic Refueling Mission [CNN en Español ]

WWW Article01.16.2013 - Glitch Stalls Robotic Refueling Experiment in Space [NBC News]

SSCO Video 01.15.2013 - RRM Day 1: Captured! [YouTube]

SSCO Video 01.15.2013 - ISS Update: Robotic Refueling Mission [YouTube]

NASA Feature01.15.2013 - Development of an On-Orbit Robotic Servicing Capability for Spacecraft [FedBizOpps Post]

NASA Feature01.11.2013 - NASA's Robotic Refueling Demo Set to Jumpstart Expanded Capabilities in Space

SSCO Video01.11.2013 - Video : Space Station Robots Test Techniques of the Future


NASA Feature12.06.2012 - Open Letter to the GEO Satellite Community [FedBizOpps Post]

WWW Article11.16.2012 - Space repair enters the robotic age [New Scientist]

WWW Article10.23.2012 - Robotic Servicing Seen As Beneficial For Human Exploration [Aviation Week]

NASA Feature10.17.2012 - Kennedy Supporting Efforts to Develop Satellite Servicing Capabilities

NASA Feature08.13.2012 - NASA invites potential partners to Systems Engineering Review [FedBizOpps]

WWW Article07.13.2012 - NASA Tests Robotic Gas Station Attendant for Outer Space [Wired Magazine]

NASA Feature07.05.2012 - NASA Assesses How On-Orbit Robotic Satellite Servicing Becomes Reality

NASA Feature06.28.2012 - One Step Closer to Robotic Refueling Demonstrations on Space Station

NASA Feature06.21.2012 - ISS Update: Robotic Refueling Mission [NASA TV]

WWW Article06.24.2012 - ISS: Dextre and RRM complete second round of joint ops - CDRA recovered []

WWW Article06.19.2012 - Robotic Space Station Handyman Dextre Set for Next Challenging Task [SpaceRef Canada]

WWW Article06.21.2012 - Second Phase of U.S./Canadian ISS Robot Refueling Demo Under Way [Aviation Week]

NASA Feature05.18.2012 - Robotic Refueling Mission Results To Be Presented At NASA Satellite-Servicing Workshop

WWW Article04.19.2012 - Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto [American Way Magazine]

WWW Article03.30.2012 - Robotic Refueling Mission: Fueling up in Space [Space Daily]

WWW Article03.24.2012 - Robotics Refueling Research Scores Huge Leap at Space Station [Universe Today]

WWW Article03.21.2012 - In-orbit refueling tests begin at International Space Station [Ars Technica]

WWW Article03.14.2012 - Gas Attendant Robot Takes First Step Towards Refueling Satellites in Space [Time]

WWW Article03.13.2012 - NASA Completes 1st Robotic Satellite Servicing Demonstration at ISS [SpaceNews]

WWW Article03.13.2012 - NASA kicks off robotic refuelling mission at ISS [Siliconrepublic]

WWW Article03.12.2012 - ISS robot handyman practices with mock satellite [CNET]

NASA Feature03.13.2012 - NASA and CSA Robotic Operations Advance Satellite Servicing

WWW Article03.11.2012 - Dextre and RRM complete record breaking week of robotics on ISS []

WWW Article03.10.2012 - Robotic Refueling with Space Station Robotics. [Geeky Gadgets]

WWW Article03.09.2012 - Canada's Dextre robot excels aboard space station. [CBC News]

WWW Article03.09.2012 - Canada's Dextre Robot Demonstrates Satellite Refuelling on the ISS [SpaceRef Canada]

WWW Article03.09.2012 - NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 9 March 2012. [SpaceRef]

WWW Article03.08.2012 - Robotic Refueling Mission Slideshow. []

WWW Article03.08.2012 - NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 March 2012 [SpaceRef]

WWW Article03.08.2012 - NASA begins Robotic Refueling Mission experiment [Gizmag]

WWW Article03.08.2012 - Ground Ops, Robotics Work While Crew Maintains Station

NASA Feature03.07.2012 - Robotic Refueling Mission Begins With Space Station Robotics

WWW Article02.08.2012 - Aerospace & defense designers weigh considerations in selecting connectors [Avionics Intelligence]

WWW Article01.23.2012 - NASA's Robotic Satellite Servicing Demonstration Delayed until March [SpaceNews]


NASA Feature12.02.2011 - Video recap of congressional visit to SSCO Facility -- 1:45 [This Week@NASA]

NASA Feature11.29.2011 - Goddard photos from congressional visit to SSCO Facility [Flickr]

NASA Feature11.03.2011 - NASA Request for Information: Development of an On-Orbit Robotic Servicing Capability for Spacecraft [FedBizOpps]

SSCO Video12.22.2011 - "Santa's Little Detour" [YouTube- Canadian Space Agency]

WWW Article12.06.2011 - Robot Surgeon Tech Aims to Fix NASA Satellites []

WWW Article12.05.2011 - Space Surgeons: Medical robotics experts advance satellite surgery' project [The JHU Gazette]

NASA Feature09.13.2011 - Robotic Refueling Mission Transfer and Tasks [NASA's Goddard View, PDF]

NASA Feature08.16.2011 - Robotic Refueling Module, Soon To Be Relocated to Permanent Space Station Position

WWW Article08.08.2011 - NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 8 September 2011 [SpaceRef]

WWW Article08.02.2011 - Aruban-born NASA Engineer and his team at the final mission []

WWW Article07.21.2011 - Shuttle Pictures: Final Flight of Atlantis [National Geographic]

NASA Feature07.21.2011 - Robotic Refueling Mission [NASA's Goddard View, PDF]

WWW Article07.18.2011 - Canfield native part of shuttle refueling device creation [Vindy]

WWW Article07.16.2011 - Revolutionary RRM Opens New Research Avenues at Space Station [Universe Today]

WWW Article07.16.2011 - Shuttle Experiment to test in-flight repair, refueling [USA Today]

NASA Feature07.12.2011 - STS-135 MCC Status Report #09

WWW Article07.12.2011 - NASA to Test Robot Gas Attendants for Satellites [Fox News]

WWW Article07.12.2011 - STS-135 Flight Day 5 - EVA completes Pump Module Swap and install RRM []

WWW Article07.12.2011 - RRM on the ISS Has Implications for Future of Space Flight [Yahoo News]

WWW Article07.12.2011 - Emotions color astronauts' final spacewalk [CBS News]

WWW Article07.09.2011 - Robots Servicing Robots at the International Space Station [Popular Mechanics]

WWW Article07.08.2011 - Goddard tests robot that refuels satellites

SSCO Video07.08.2011 - NASA Goddard's Special Role in Final Shuttle Flight [WJLA Washington, DC]

WWW Article07.07.2011 - Canadian robot to test tools for satellite repair in space [CBC News]

WWW Article07.07.2011 - Hubble servicing astronauts Grunsfeld and Altman reflect on last shuttle flight [WJLA Washington, DC]

NASA Feature07.07.2011 - Concluding Shuttle Mission Launches Robotic Possibilities

WWW Article07.06.2011 - STS-135: Enabling a new era of robotic satellite refueling in space []

NASA Feature07.06.2011 - Video Demonstration of the Robotic Refueling Mission [NASA TV]

NASA Feature07.05.2011 - Photos from Robotic Refueling Mission demo day at Goddard available online [NASA]

WWW Article07.05.2011 - Space Station-bound Refueling Demo Won't Start Before November [SpaceNews]

WWW Article07.05.2011 - RRM featured in "The mission of the final shuttle mission" [The Space Review]

WWW Article06.30.2011 - NASA Pioneer Says Space Exploration Will Not End with the Shuttle. [Greenbelt Patch]

NASA Feature06.29.2011 - Animation of NASA's robotic refueling mission [Geeked on Goddard]

NASA Feature03.31.2011 - RRM Arrives at Kennedy Space Center

NASA Feature03.31.2011 - Technicians at NASA's Kennedy Space Flight Center install the Robotic Refueling Mission on its carrier

NASA Feature03.21.2011 - The Robotic Refueling Mission arrives at NASA's Kennedy Space Center for processing on STS-135

WWW Article05.23.2011 - SSCO's Frank Cepollina discusses the RRM and the future of satellite servicing [Space News]


WWW Article02.25.2010 - NASA Grooming Satellite Repair Bots [Discovery News]

WWW Article02.04.2010 - NASA Plans To Refuel Mock Satellite at the Space Station [Space News]