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NASA Robotic Servicing Demonstrations Continue Onboard the Space Station

07.20.15 - NASA's Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM), a groundbreaking demonstration of new satellite-servicing technologies and techniques, recently resumed operations on the space station after a two-year hiatus. Within five days, the RRM team had outfitted the RRM module with fresh hardware for a series of technology demonstrations and tested a new, multi-capability inspection tool.

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 College Students

College Students Help Create the Robots of the Future

07.09.15 - Can you teach an old robot new tricks? A handful of college students are using assembly line robots to help NASA prove it's possible.                                        
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Tanjira Ahmed Larmie —
Feeling the Love at Tanzania's Best Hope Learning Centre

07.09.15 - Through Cross-Cultural Solutions, a non-profit organization, last November, during the height of the Ebola epidemic, Larmie spent two weeks teaching children math, English, reading and art at the Best Hope Learning Centre in Moshi Village, Tanzania.

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Look inside the Cauldron in
'This Week @NASA'

06.26.2015 - SSCO's new Cauldron facility makes an appearance in the June 19, 2015 edition of 'This Week @NASA' at the 1:36 mark. NASA's Asteroid Grand Challenge and the SSCO robotic systems being developed for future asteroid exploration missions were the focus of a June 16 event at Goddard Space Flight Center. Agency officials discussed progress on the Asteroid Robotic Redirect Mission (ARRM) and SSCO's work on robotic systems for the ARRM and other NASA missions using space robotics.

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